Thursday, May 08, 2008

I feel the fresh sea wind in my face

And I know I'm alive. I love being at the "bow", front of the boat, when we go diving or traveling. For starters, its the part which is furthest away from the noisy engine and the nauseating diesel fumes.

Its also the part which is usually the coolest- you feel the gentle sea breeze in your face, over your skin.

And its the part which has the best view. I'm mesmerized standing at the prow- and looking straight out into the clear 180 degree blue horizon. If you look down you can see the wake of the boat producing a lovely small rainbow.

Occasionally, you get to see flying fish gliding by. And hopefully some day I'll get to see something especial, like dolphins.

The fresh sea air, the cool wind, the sun on my arms, that magnificent horizon, and that sweet silence* save the splashing of the sea on the prow... I find totally tranquil. I feel so so happy to be alive.

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