Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eating alone

I've been having the same food for dinner every night. Well, today, I didn't eat anything serious (biscuits and coffee dun count) until this evening.

I always seem to come back to the same old hawker food shop and eat the same old food.

Is it comfort food? ... Yes... I guess. But another reason is cos I eat alone. For some reason, its doesn't feel so bad if I eat the same old food the 3rd time around. Its feels eternal, like its the same day- not Sunday, Saturday, Friday... etc... just Oneday.

So somehow its not as if I've been eating alone for the last 3 or 5 days... but just one day. lol.

Anyhow its been a one sock day the whole week really. I didn't manage to buy anything or sell anything on the share market. It didn't go down far enough and I saw no compelling reason to chase after share prices as they went up.

For the most part, I was fast asleep in my chair. It was that boring.

I'll be singing in the celebration chorus tomorrow. We're singing Negro Spirituals. Some of the songs are a bit perverse. One of the stanzas goes:

"put your finger in the water and come and cool my tongue (x2)... for I'm tormented in the flame".

And its like... wait a minute... we're singing - in a cheerful manner - the lines of some poor bastard whose in hell.

Anyhow... singing the negro spirituals makes me even more depressed. Christianity is all about people being 100% for God. On Sunday, the main thing on my mind is on when the sermon is gonna end. Some of the sermons in my church are so dry - that you could build a sand castle with them. Hardly the sort of thing that makes you want to shout "hallelujah" in the morning... more like "goodbye cruel world".

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