Monday, September 25, 2006


Just came back from a sermon where the pastor talked about Evil-Why does Evil stuff happen in the world.

He made it easy for himself by not discussing the doctrine that omnipresent and ominipowerful God. ie. if God is all knowing and all powerful and in control of everything- why does He allow evil things to happen?

I guess he did address that point by saying that the World is a fallen place due to the original sin and the effects of Satan. And so God has allowed, for his own reason, Evil to run its course.

You could also note that God allowed His Son, Jesus Christ, (the physical manifestation of God) to die- both physically and spiritually. Jesus, didn't say, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me" for fun on the cross. I think he really was seperated from God.

But why does Evil happen in this world? The best thing to say- is you don't know. Its a mystery. You can trot out the usual suspects like

1. Human's capacity for sin and wickedness
2. Bad men triumph when good men do nothing.
3. Satan
4. The Fallen Nature of the World.

But still the question usually comes back to God. Evil generally speaking triumphs. Why he doesn't intervene, I don't know. Maybe the problem about God intervening is the fact that when he does, he tends to wipe out everything in sight - because everything in this fallen world is unclean in His eyes.

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