Monday, May 22, 2006

100% Easy Winter Meals

Hi, woke up this Monday morning feeling totally cold. My head feels like an iceblock.

In situations like this - you want something hot and tasty fast.

So here's my receipe for a very quick meal that will warm you up.

You need

1. Campbells Pumpkin Soup Can
2. Tofo.
3. (Frozen) Peas, Dried Parsley, Chives (optional)


Step 1. Open up the pumpkin can.
2. Put the blob into a sizable pot.
3. Using the pumpkin can, pour a can of water into the pot. Add two if you want.
4. Stire the mix to get the soup even, ie.,
4a Meanwhile, slowly heat the pot to simmering point- its hot - but not spewing boiling hot.
4b Throw in the frozen peas :)
5. When the peas look just about done- throw in the tofo, and sprinkle some chives/ parsley.
6. Break up the tofo to sizes u like- and give it a quick stir for about a minute. Don't overdo the tofo otherwise it will bloat up, looking terrible.

7. Tada! Healthy and tasty soup!!!!

I prefer the silky tofo available at Safeways or Coles - you can find between the yoghurt and the luncheon meat section. I used to use the tofo from the Chinese grocery store- but the new grocer is not friendly. He never smiles and looks at you like scum. Reminds me of my Chinese language teachers in primary school. They used to beat us often.


Freakatronic said...

Hey Yau Ming! Ha, I'm always surprised when I find that someone I know has a blog. I'm...kind of...well, I like blogs. They offer a chance to look into someone's head that mightn't be given in the rest of life.

I know what you mean by cold shop assistants man. There's this place I always go because I'm so damned poor, and the service there are soooo rude. Always looking down their noses at me like I'm a criminal! Rahaha! Ah well. One day I'll come back, buy that shop, fire all of the staff!

Yau-ming's blog!! said...

Yeah, I find that a lot of the chinese run shops won't even give you the time of day if you don't speak mandarin or Cantonese. There's this restaurant down in the city - one of their staff- a cantonese woman- always rips me off by charging me $3.50 for the pao. On top of that- she's bloody rude. I call her the char-siew-pao Nazi. One other days that I go there- the guy sells it for $1 and seems civil enuf.